Thursday, December 19, 2013


In most creative writing classe's the moto is,write what you know?

As stated earlier,my fascination of Black Supernatural History stemmed from my early experiences with the supernatural,both vicariously and literally.

A brief synopsis of my experiences:

Most six year old boys,and girls have fond memories of childhood wonders.But for me and my family circle,it was memories of raw terror of God fearing souls,being visited upon at a place called,the Washburen house.

In 1961,many afro-american families migrated from the south to the north,for better opportunities for themselves and children,escaping the nightmares of Jim Crow.It was traditional for my family,and other black families to share large apartments or house's,with all family members living together until they were able to find work,save up,venture out,and start individual families of their own.

The Washburen house was a sick silent cold dark old victorian,located in the Chicago blackbelt,and whatever force walked there had no love for us residing within its evil walls.Especially for us frighten children.

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