Thursday, October 2, 2014


by Don Wright

Every Halloween,my mom and dad pulls out all the stops to make it as precious,and eventful,making it something that I will remember for years to come,as I grow into adulthood.Mom and dad tells me that my monster costume choice is very unique,I've always enjoyed monsters beginning at the age of five;vampire's,mummies,frankenstein,werewolves,zombies,leatherface,Dr.Lecter,Freddy,Jason,and Michael,are at the top of my list.Excited I am about all the delicious Halloween goodies and,treats and all other little Halloweener's I will come to meet tonight.There's something special about All Hollows Eve's night,that makes me feel like;I don't know how I'm suppose to feel like,not wanting it to fade so quickly.After returning from canvassing,still clutching onto the custom black leather bag that mom and dad has given me as an extra treat on this wondrous night that will define me.Both mom and dad stand over me,as I sit at the kitchen table.They watch as,I sample some of my treats from out of the bag.Both continue to stand with loving proud smiles as,I gobble down delectable mouth watering chewy gooey sweet tasting bloody mangled torn off,torn out bloody arms,eyes,legs and,hearts of little screaming bodies,unaware of new Halloween monsters among them like me called; Sociopath's that my mom and dad will lock away until next HALLOWEEN.

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