Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I used the old south as a black american supernatural history catalysis,for reason's of wanting to examine the term HAINT?

Down through the ages,all the way back to biblical times,man has been lured to the possibilities of the supernatural,and has been visited upon.

Man has also been manipulated,exploited and conditioned to fear this unknown....especially during pre and post slavery.Slaves were kept in line by their owners,American terror groups like the  KKK,dressed in their ghostly white sheets in the eerie southern moonlight.Blacks were being told of evil spirits,getting revenge,if they'd ever got out of line or tried to escape the plantation.

But....wait! Was this just one of the head games from the playbook of Willie Lynch?

Or were these stories of Afro-American supernatural history true?

The term HAINT is a southern term meaning ghost,or restless spirit.The term originated during the horrors and bloody battles of the civil war.Where young men of the embattled confederate and union armies-black and white-lost their lives,spilling enough blood,guts,and mangled body parts that saturated the vast beautiful landscapes all along the southern peninsula.

And so the term HAINT was born.

To examine more about HAINTS read: Afro-American Stories Of Fright From The Old South


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