Thursday, March 6, 2014


Various individuals have E-mailed me with stories about an eerie phenomenon,that's showing up in households all across America.

1.A man in D.C. said he open the door of a dark closet,and was met with a pair of disembodied piercing eyes staring back at him.The small closet was searched for hidden doors,but nothing was found? The closet has been nailed shut and is no longer used.

2.A Indiana woman woke up one night terrified to see at the foot of her bed,the same pair of piercing eyes staring on at her.The woman and her husband now sleep with the bedroom light on.

3.A family in Chicago returning home to a dark house,witness several pairs of disembodied eyes staring at them before they entered to turn on the lights.The shook up family has put the house up for sale.

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