Tuesday, January 7, 2014


As writers of fiction/non-fiction,we have a literary slide of hand.But,at some point in our creations of Peoples,Places,and Times,isn't it prudent,to write what we know,or research what we don't know.Creative writing 101?

Out of all the books,films,and other dramatizations of the tragic tale of the Titanic.No fiction,non-fiction writer,screenwriter,playwright,or director has ever mentioned the family of Laroche.

Joseph Philippe Lemercier Laroche,and his family the only blacks,that were on the Titanic that tragic night of: April 15th 1912.Joseph lost his life along with over 1500 other passengers,survived by this wife and children.

Why...was it,and still so difficult to acknowledge this man,his wife and small children? A black man and his family.Why can't they be relevant,like the other 2nd class passengers presented on Wikipedia of the Titanic?

                  What Has The Soul Of This Brave Man Been Screaming Out Since 1912....?

                          The Laroche familyGIVE ME RELEVANCY!

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