Thursday, January 23, 2014


Black America Supernatural History,has caught some attention from a few that have been following the posts.

                                             I have received E-mails from:

* A now frighten young Afro-American male from Chicago,was visited by his two dead gangbanger thug associates gunned down on the street.Both former thugs told him that: if he was to die,or murder someone on those streets,his soul would meet them in a place of darkness,and demons for all eternity.And they were back to give him fair warning?

*An Afro-American construction worker in Boston said he encountered an odd yellow eyed creature slipping back down a hole,inside an old Victorian house basement floor.He described the creature as having green scaly skin like a reptile?

*A Spanish American single female in New York,who lives alone is awaken every morning for the past 3 months,the same time she moved into her home.To smells of fresh brewed coffee,and sounds of bacon and eggs frying in the kitchen.But when she walks into her kitchen,theres nothing on the stove?

                             RELEVANT STUFF!

                       If someone have relevant supernatural stuff to shout out!A STORY ABOUT YOU


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