Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Maybe,I should introduce myself,but my name is of no consequence at this moment.I'm on the way of going viral pretty soon anyway.I'll be changing the behaviors of all who may encounter me,becoming a headache to all nations,making them throw up their guts,as they read from their holy books.I will consume their fragile bodies,with muscle pains,and induce violent episodes of shitting spells,as they pull the triggers on fancy killing weaponry and,when the dust clears and,everything settles from them having their little earthly temper tantrums with one another.Millions will lay bleeding from within and,externally from my proven kill rate of 25-90% making me the baddest extremist on this screwed up ass planet.So when all their bodies are burnt and,everything maybe goes back to normal for man,hoping he doesn't have someone like me,come back and finish kicking his malnourished mindset of those returning back to idol worshiping their,false powers,and back to counting their gold and silver. lemme introduce myself one more time.......

In Latin they call me;Disambiguation/aka: Ebola and the little one's enjoy your Halloween,why you still can?

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